Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

San Diego bankruptcy attorney Asaph Abrams on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Keep your eye on the debt-discharging ball in chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Intro to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney, Asaph Abrams helps you find substantial debt relief through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Your bankruptcy attorney employs Lucky Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code to permanently protect you from loss by discharging (cancelling) most types of debt and stopping creditors’ collections cold.

Your bankruptcy lawyer completely, comprehensively curbs callous creditor calls, loathsome lawsuits and grief-giving garnishments.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy means new-found freedom and a fresh start; the “fresh-start” phrase is well-worn, but well-earned.

Eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

You’re asking: Can I file chapter 7 bankruptcy? Well, Can You? Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available to low-income AND (in many cases) to high-income persons (if they have sufficiently high expenses). 

You can file chapter 7 bankruptcy with OR without your spouse. If you successfully filed it in the past, then you can file again if 8 years have passed.

Our attorney concludes your case in a mere 3 months from filing to discharge. 

You don’t make payments to creditors: payment plans are proposed in the alternative bankruptcy code chapter 13.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protects Property:

As opposed to losing property, chapter 7 serves to protect your property from creditors.

Our chapter 7 attorney admonishes that property is lost when you fail to file bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can free you from debilitating debt.


Don’t let debt do this to you!

Timely filing of bankruptcy bars Levies, Lawsuits and Garnishments (oh my!).

Walk that yellow-brick road to debt-free peace of mind.


Free Bankruptcy Attorney Consultation:     

Through a no-obligation consultation, Asaph Abrams will give you the skinny on how chapter 7 bankruptcy works.


About Us:

A bankruptcy specialist and 2014 chair of education for the San Diego County Bar’s Bankruptcy Law Section, Asaph has successfully filed over 650 cases.

A consummately conscientious attorney, Asaph not only cancels debt to protect your property, he’s a lawyer who keeps you informed, reassured and at ease throughout the process.

When it comes to bankruptcy representation, Papa Asaph promises:

his better ingredients mean better bankruptcy.

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