Ah, the (fortunately not million) dollar question!  First, there are standard bankruptcy Court fees and Debtor Education fees:

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court filing fee is $306; the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy court filing fee is $281.

Debtor Education (brief online sessions in credit counseling and financial management) run about $30 total.

Our San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney Fees are an economical flat-rate ($1500 for many chapter 7 bankruptcy cases).  This translates to extremely low cost (when calculated hourly), for what is diligent, expert, uncompromising representation. There are no surprise fees: you are comprehensively covered.  There’s no pressure: we have comfortable payment plans.

Our San Diego bankruptcy practice operates on a sliding scale and will discount fees for clients with very-low income; we’re here to help and make bankruptcy affordable for you.  Special rates apply if you profusely compliment baby pictures on your bankruptcy attorney’s desk (not really though; how could one NOT profusely compliment?).

From a cost-benefit approach, you may pay less than one cent to eliminate six-figure debt in bankruptcy. Not too shabby.  Bankruptcy law gives great satisfaction to your San Diego bankruptcy attorney: we provide incomparable net benefit to our clients.

Our fees are lower than so-called bankruptcy mills, which cheesily advertise on buses and morning radio; there you are treated like a (small) number, yet charged large numbers for sub-par service. Despite their “bankruptcy” practitioners’ client-abandonment and suspension from practice, bankruptcy mills maintain blitzkrieg promotions (using new monikers lest they betray the notoriety of past names) to ensnare an unknowing public.

Most importantly, we specialize in bankruptcy with over 500 successful cases in San Diego; often San Diego lawyers dabble in bankruptcy.  But this is an idiosyncratic and evolving field; it requires complete attention and is best left to the expert.  In bankruptcy, don’t trust your future to dilettantes.

Why our fees are low: we run a tight, resourceful, mom-and-pop bankruptcy shop; we kill nary a tree (we scan and don’t print– this would make the Lorax proud) and don’t waste on wanton luxuries (like Starbucks or Krispy Kreme; I brew at home and happily suffer generic donuts).  You deal with one San Diego bankruptcy attorney handling your representation; we don’t golf and delegate to ignorant lackeys.  Our advertising costs are limited thanks to consistent referrals from satisfied clients.

You can rest assured: you will not pay more than necessary for a successful bankruptcy case: our constant goal is to keep costs down and save you money by severing those shackles of debt.