What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you to everyone for your feedback. It means a lot to us, and we are so happy we could help.

I have known Asaph and Jodi for 1 year now.  Certainly enough time to make an accurate review... considering emotion and puppy love are long gone!  And just like a relationship that stands the test of time, my regard for this firm is outstanding.  They are pros, period.  But not just in the craft of law, pros in human engagement, communication, competence and empathy.  I honestly wish (for myself, not him!) Asaph handled every area of the law because I would hire him. -J.S., Poway, CA

I love this group- very VERY GOOD TEAM! Thank you Asaph and Jodi!!!! You helped us get through a very hard time in life with our bankruptcy.... I highly recommend you!!!! -M.B., San Diego, CA

My husband and I were contemplating if we wanted to seek legal advice for bankruptcy.  From the moment that we entered the office on day 1 to the end of the case, Jodi and Attorney Abrams were fantastic! The sleepless nights of worrying about creditors, arguments daily, marriage separation after 19+ was all because of creditors calling all hours of the night and day. I can happily say, we sleep better knowing that we did the right decision of going with Attorney Abrams and his assistant Jodi.  Thank you so much for giving us relief and giving us a fresh start. :)

I much appreciate your help in the situation I was in. I had had no knowledge of how to handle it. You bring the professionalism needed at this low time in my life and saved my life. I thank you for your understanding and compassion. It was hard for me to be in this position, but you never judged me. I think I did a good job myself [choosing your office] in the first place. I can’t thank you and Jodi enough for giving me back a life and new outlook where my life could go from here. I have to say this [Asaph]: Jodi is some kind of wonderful person– very courteous and always takes the time to explain to me–and I’m sure everyone else you represent–the things that I didn’t know or understand: she explained it all. This one’s for Jodi: she deserves a raise* for her helpfulness and her gracious ways. She’s a great asset to your firm: don’t lose her. She’s an amazing woman. Her knowledge and demeanor says it all; I could not have been referred to a better place… Again thank you both; this was a hard thing for me to go through and with kindness you walked me through it. I’ll never be able to thank you enough. As much as I hate to say it, I’ll never see you again in this situation anyway.

“My husband and I want to thank [Asaph] Abrams and Jodi for their help during a most difficult time for us financially. Their professionalism and caring attitude were such a calming influence, and the ease of completing many of the documents through email made the task much more bearable for us. We highly recommend the Office of Asaph Abrams for any legal matters.

I began my bankruptcy journey nervous and unsure.  Asaph and Jodi were helpful and answered all my questions.  The process was smooth and their fees are beyond reasonable.  I would and have recommended them to others.  Thanks again, Asaph and Jodi.

You guys are the best. Happy Holidays! :-)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from a very satisfied former client. Your firm was so much help to me in a time of great stress and was very much appreciated.

"Asaph, you the coolest atty ever! [sic] I love that flick [I quoted from The Fugitive… don’t ask, it’s a long story, Ed.] and wish everyone could simplify things in “common people terms.” Thanks so much for the knowledge and the laugh!

“I am very grateful to you all for helping me in my time of need. I always do recommend you… all of you were understanding, caring and efficient. I wish for you all the best for the coming year and a lot of happiness.

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